Poetry Contest... and the winner is...

The 5th Annual France edition of the ELSA Poetry by Heart Contest took place this last month, on March 23rd. After our own in-house Aseica contest in December, two level winners were discerned: 3e candidate Emily Cart-Grandjean from César, and 2e candidate Lemba Soldini from the LIV. Both candidates were invited to Paris to compete in the France finals.The finals took place at Ecole Jeannine Manuel. The contest this year was graced with the high profile presence of the UK organisers, Tim Shortis and Julie Blake, who were extremely supportive, and thankful for international support of the project. Over 40 candidates from 15 OIB, IB and bilingual schools from across France performed their poems, many of which were outstanding. Both of our contestants, Lemba and Emily, gave superb performances, full of maturity and sensitivity. The competition was extremely tough… despite this, ASEICA is very proud to report that this year’s overall winner was Emily!! 

An immense BRAVO to her!



Stay tuned at the rentrée in September for news about next year’s contest!

G Bethell

Coordinating Teacher, ELSA Poetry Contest


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