Parent-Teacher Primary & College Meet-Ups

27 November 2019, 2:11 pm
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Since the beginning of the school year, ASEICA has hosted 'Coffee Mornings'  at each of the Colleges, and a Parent-Teacher lunch for the Primary Section. These meet ups are a great way for parents to meet their children's teachers and ASEICA board members in an informal setting. Parents also have the possibility to learn more about what's happening in class or with other extra-curricular academic projects that the teachers support such as the Model United Nations (MUN), the speech contest and various primary social activities. It is especially a great way for new families to connect with the rest of the ASEICA community. The events hosted this fall were:

  • Primary Parent-Teacher lunch for both the Sartoux and Trois Collines primary schools at the Ferme Bermond
  • Coffee mornings at the Colleges: Niki St Phalle, César, Eganaude.

Feedback from Parents

“The Primary Teacher-Parent lunch, held on the last day of the autumn term, was a great way to connect with the different teachers and all the parents once the school year was off and running. I always appreciate being able to catch up with fellow parents and to touch base with all the teachers. It’s one of the key ways that we all stay connected during the busy school year.” Lucy White, mother of Joe (CM1) and Max (CE1), Ecole Sartoux and Benjamin (5eme), Collège César

"I found the parent-teacher breakfast very informative. As a new ASEICA parent, it was rewarding to meet the teachers of the English section, to learn more about the course work, the setup of the section, extra-curricular activities, and to discuss over a coffee with different parents and my child's teachers. I look forward to another such meet up." Anne Minereau-Gay, mother of Hector (6eme), College Niki de St Phalle.




On December 13th, Mrs Guez’s CM1s and Mrs Richie’s CM2s of Sartoux went on a class trip to the Musée National Du Sport. They are pleased to share their comments with you…


  • “When we arrived, we saw a biggggg nest! It was actually the Allianz Riviera stadium which was built in the shape of the nest to house the Aiglon, mascot of the OGC Nice.” (Marie & Agathe)
  • “One of the first things we did was discover the press room. This is where the football players get interviewed by the journalists. We re-enacted a press conference and had to answer questions about why our team played so badly. It was really funny!” (Felix, Jules and Hugo)
  • “Guess what we did next? We turned into famous players and got to go where no one is allowed to go…The Locker room! We even touched Hugo LLoris’s brother’s football jersey. Oh and also Ballotelli’s! and their seats were sooooo comfortable! “(Alicia & Fanny)
  • “In the locker room, there’s a work out room. It was full of super high-tech equipment. Our class acted like the players warming up for a match by doing push-ups. We also saw 2 pools that the players use for relaxation. One is 6 degrees and the other is 36 degrees! The players jump from one to the other. They must have so much fun!” (Dexter, Tobias & William)
  • “Visiting the bird’s nest (the stadium) was really cool and fun. Too bad we couldn’t go on the field. The grass had to stay fresh and clean for the players. Did you know that the stadium has 36 178 seats? It’s hard to imagine that so many matches and concert happened right here. (Anais & Ava)
  • “We then went to visit the VIP rooms! Rich people rent them to watch the match while being in a warm and fancy place. They even have their own terrace! We went out on to the terrace and acted like enthusiastic spectators. We screamed and did the wave! “(Sasha & Eva)
  • “By the time lunch came, we couldn’t wait to devour what was in our lunchboxes. We then had some free time to play. We split up into three groups. One played British bulldog, one played football and the third did gymnastics. All very sporty! “(Matt, Theodore & Raphael)
  • “Sports time continued. The guide organized many activities for us to do. We tested our strength, reactivity, flexibility, coordination and endurance. “Ouch!” The invisible chair task was really tough. “I can’t take this anymore! I quit!” When we stopped, our legs were literally shaking! The other tasks seemed easier after that one!” (Katiana, Chiara & Charlotte)
  • “Finally, it was time to visit the sports museum. It was really interesting. Our extraordinary visit began with a time line of biking as a sport. We soon understood that the whole museum showed all the sports from their beginnings up till now. The first tennis dresses were weird! We also saw loads of cool Olympic torches. Some were the real ones not copies!(Maya, Lily, Tiphaine and Saya)
  • “We had a great day! The best part was definitely the locker rooms. We were really lucky to be able to go on this amazing trip. We had a perfect ‘sporty’ time…even if by the end, we had cramps all over!” (Ela & Nandi)