Testimonials from Alumni

Every year we organize an Alumni evening for alumni students and Lycée students. This is a great opportunity to meet LIV alumni from around the world and hold informal discussions about their post-Bac experiences and adventures. This year the Alumni evening is held on January 3rd, 2023 from 5.30 pm at the CIV (Agora building).

We are very proud of all our students: their enthusiasm as well as the diversity and great levels of experiences are testimonies of the excellent education they receive. Some testimonials below:

"My name is Jeffery Durand; I have a French father and American mother but had always lived in France prior to University. I keep extremely fond memories of the CIV, which I was part of during the collège and lycée. I still miss the classes and friends from the time, and will come visit now and then to see how things have changed. Currently I am at my fourth and last year at Harvard; I study Mathematics as a major, but take classes in many other topics including Music, Physics, Architecture, and Computer Science. I have continued singing in a choir, leading committees at MUN conferences and exploring anything new."

"My name is Charles, and I am French born and bread. I got into Eganaude for Collège after having passed the tests. I then went to the CIV for my lycée, and I am really grateful to the people I met there—fellow students and of course teachers—who helped me blossom. My years with ASEICA opened up new horizons for me, and especially enabled me to embrace different cultures and languages simultaneously. Thanks to the support I received, I then went on to read Human, Social and Political Sciences at Queens’ College, Cambridge at the Fall of 2013. Three years later, I am now embarking on a two year long Masters Programme in the same field at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland."

"Nadia Bertaud: My dad is French and my mother is English, and I've lived in both France and the Netherlands previously. I was part of ASEICA from primary school, starting in Haut Sartoux then moving to Nikki de St Phalle and then the CIV. Upon graduating from the OIB I've since moved to Dublin to study a Bachelor of Arts in Single Honours Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, of which I'm entering my fourth and final year. I will then be pursuing a graphic design course in Berlin after university."

"Tiphaine Pierson: Having both a french and a chinese parent, I grew up in a diverse environment with opportunities to live in Canada, Japan and France. The CIV’s american section helped ease my transition from an american, international academic system to a french system. Throughout my seven years with ASEICA (from 6eme to Terminale), English and History were some of the most encouraging and stimulating classes I had taken, thanks to the enthusiasm transmitted by the teachers of the section. I have learned to appreciate the great teachers I’ve had over the years, and still talk about them today! Outside of the classroom, the extracurricular activities were a great way to get involved and build a sense of community within ASEICA; theatre and international day were among those i particularly enjoyed. I’m very grateful to have been a part of the section, where encouragement overcomes cynicism. I’m currently back in Canada, Montreal to be precise, about to finish my undergraduate degree in Biology at Concordia University with plans to pursue a Masters in physiotherapy."

"Tristan: I was born in Toronto, Canada. I lived there until I was 5 years old, and then moved to France where I attended the Haut-Sartoux primary school. I graduated from the Lycee International de Valbonne in 2013 and was admitted to McGill University where I completed a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy & Cell Biology by 2016. During the third/last year of my degree, I applied to medical schools across Canada and was accepted in the MD program at the University of Ottawa where I am currently studying. In 2020, after 4 tough years in medical school, I will finally be able to call myself a doctor. My parents, sister and I are lucky enough to boast the French-Canadian dual citizenship. Attending the international curriculum offered by ASEICA from primary to university has helped me develop some of the most important qualities of today: tolerance, understanding and openness towards other cultures and people from very different horizons. Haut-Sartoux and the CIV are fundamental in aiding any individual to break up some international barriers and giving them the keys to being able to study/travel/work/live (your pick!) wherever on the globe. With hindsight, my parents decision to enrol me in the ASEICA international section was (without doubt) one of the main factors that have gotten me where I am today. I couldn’t be more grateful for it."

"Helene Ducker: I am Belgian and British and arrived in France when I was 7 years old. I entered the Anglophone section at the Haut-Sartoux primary school, continued in the section at the Niki de St Phalle college and then at the CIV in lycee. These amazing years allowed me to continue to use both languages I spoke at home, making many multicultural friends and studying with teachers from many countries. After the last year of lycee I wanted to keep studying in both languages and was interested in a double degree in Law so I went to the University of Leicester in England and to the Université de Strasbourg in France to study for a Maitrise in English and French Law. I firmly believe that the section and the International Option of the Bac helped me to get where I am today, studying for a Masters in International and European Law in Strasbourg."

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