The Lycée International of Valbonne (LIV) is one of a small number of establishments in France to have International sections. The lycée is truly international with its Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese and English sections comprising students from almost 40 nationalities. These sections are run alongside, and within, a classic French lycée.

Over 600 students currently study in the anglophone section classes in seconde, première and terminale at the CIV, working towards the prestigious OIB examination. Some of them, whose families live abroad, live in the boarding house.

The boarding house—Page written by boarders for boarders!

The CIV runs 5 boarding houses: Octogone, La Source, Mirador, Bastide, and Bastion excluding the 2 Prepa boarding houses. The boarding students of the OIB English Section are resident in La Source and Mirador. Surveillants live in the boarding houses in order to provide supervision, guidance and tutorial assistance.

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Residential life

Adjusting to life at the boarding house may take a little time. Getting used to new rules, living away from home, and becoming a part of a new group of friends may not always be easy, but remember: you can always count on fellow boarders for advice and a shoulder to lean on. Remember you are not alone.. all of you are going through the same thing. The heads of the boarding departments, the teachers, the administration and the surveillants all work hard to ensure that you are happy.

Daily life

7h00: Wake-up
7h00-7h45: Breakfast (a typical French breakfast)
Sunday-Friday every evening between 20h00-21h45: Nightly Study Hours
Extra Curricular Activities on Saturdays and Sundays are compulsory between the hours of 14:00 and 16:00 (sports, internet research, extra study hours etc.)

The area

You have chosen an incredible region. You are in the most beautiful part of France. The mountains, the sea, the French cuisine... what more could you ask for? Take advantage of everything it has to offer! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please take the time to look through the brochures, go on all the outings - there is so much to see and do!

Sports and recreation

Where to start? If you enjoy skiing, rock climbing, hiking, the mountains or just taking in the scenery, you've chosen the right place. Not only that but also if you love the sea air, sailing, swimming, or the beach, the Côte d’Azur is breath-taking and there are unlimited opportunities to take advantage of it.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU JOIN A SPORTS ACTIVITY! You will find that you will feel the need to get out and do something during the year especially when the work starts to pile up. Seek out that balanced life style.... There is a wide variety of clubs on and off campus, including the COV Sports Club right next to the CIV. The following sports have been offered in recent years. Depending on the sport, they are offered in the evenings, Wed. afternoon, and on weekends.

Social life, recreation

Whether you take part in an activity or outing offered through the school or discover it on you own there are plenty of things that will keep your social life busy!