A theatre trip to London

13 May 2020, 7:50 am
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From February 18-22, before COVID-19 managed to ruin our social lives, a group of twenty 'Seconde' embarked on a theatre trip to London. For five days we resided in the lovely St Paul’s youth hostel, which was perfectly located for the adventures we would experience. On the first day, we had a guided tour of the Globe theatre. That evening we saw the iconic musical Hamilton. This incredible show, based in history, made us to turn to each other in pure amazement. This performance brought some of us to tears, showing just how magical theatre can be.
On day two we visited the Arts University, Goldsmiths for a drama workshop, then did some city sightseeing. That night, after dinner in a Cuban restaurant, we were blessed to see Daniel Radcliffe in Endgame at the Old Vic, a play by Samuel Becket that initiated us into the absurd theatre genre. The following day, we started our own performance project on the Great Gatsby with the Anna Fiorentini Film and theatre school. We learned so much during the two day acting and dance workshop (including dancing which is not as easy as it looks!) At night we saw an ianteractive Gatsby performance in a Mayfair mansion. It was totally amazing, unlike anything we had ever seen with clever interaction between the actors and the audience – e.g. everyone doing the Charleston together! On the last day we performed our version of Gatsby, which was fun and fabulous.  That night we saw the hilarious, physical comedy “The Play that Goes Wrong,” in the West End.

This trip taught us many things: the importance of acting in society and how the way we speak can be used to convey emotions and ideas. All of the participating students would like to thank Ms. Yuill and Mrs. Bethell for planning this unforgettable trip and putting up with all of us.

Parker SMITH and Heloïse RIVET-PICOLET