Video: Poetry by Heart competition

In March of this year, two unassuming but hopeful Aseica students went to Paris for a Poetry competition: one of them came back to Valbonne as the competition's overall winner. Emily Cart Grandjean, in 3e at Cesar, probably one of the most unassuming of all the approximately 100 candidates combined, triumphed over candidates from 15 OIB, IB and bilingual schools from around France in 3e, 2e, 1ere and Terminale. She, and we, can be proud! How did she do it? Judges commented on her capacity to make her recitation "all about the poems and not all about her". In her rendition of "The Witch" by M.E. Coleridge, she sent shivers down our spines ... indeed, she was the witch"! She has expressed her thanks to teachers and coaches Karen Jones and Kirsty Yuill. Lembda Soldini, currently in 2e, also gave two powerful poetry recitations.

Click on the video below to see more on the competition, and to get a glimpse of both Emily and Lemba.

Emily and Lemba's performances, and the participation of the other Aseica candidates back in December, were the first of, hopefully, many Poetry by Heart competitions to come. We hope to see many aspiring poets in next year's competition!

G Bethell

Organizing teacher


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