A class trip to Washington

Museums, Theatre, Fun and... Surprises

My class and I have had the opportunity to take part of the Washington Trip. It took place during the April holidays, and it has been a very fulfilling trip. We have visited the Washington monument, many museums and enjoyed some free time. The class’s favorite museums are the newseum, african-american and holocaust museum. These museums have shown a powerful message and have left us speechless. We have also enjoyed some nights out to the theatre, baseball and restaurants. Other nights have also been dedicated to a breakfast feast for example. Our trip was also filled with surprises, such as meeting the First Lady Brigitte Macron, and have a conversation with her. Our trip could not have happened without the help of the aseica board members and the teachers. Thank you all for organising such a fulfilling and beautiful trip, words cannot express our gratitude.♦ 

By Stella Strickland





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