'La semaine du goût'

12 November 2018, 9:45 am
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The CPSI, CE1SI participated in the 'SEMAINE DU GOÛT' on the 12th of October. 

We were privileged to have chef Khérima Belhadj lead various workshops during the day. In preparation for her visit, our classes focused on what might make dishes from our region unique. We explored the indigenous plants that we use in Provencal cuisine: rosemary, thyme, sage, olives, the bay leaf, etc… in addition to identifying various fruits and vegetables that are typical from our region. After a more scientific approach to comparing and contrasting the plants using touch, smell and sight, what better way than to experiment first hand then to taste them? Mme Belhadj prepared various recipes in advance and the classes were invited to relish to various savors of: ‘les tomates cocktail farcies au thon, un coulis de poivrons, un caviar d’aubergines et une tapenade verte et noire.’


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