Bilingual program


Teaching time is divided 50/50 between English and French. The children spend approximately 12 hours in each language per week and the program has been shared to give a good balance depending on the time necessary to teach each subject effectively. The usual division of core subjects is as follows—

Teaching in French Teaching in English
French language English language
Geometry Number
Measurement Geography
History Science

Art, sport and music are evenly divided between the two language groups, and are generally taught by the teachers who are most capable in each of the disciplines, or by external specialists in either of the languages.

The French and Anglophone teachers work closely together, and the different teaching styles complement each other. Concepts taught in one language are automatically transferred to the other language by the children, allowing the division of the program to merge.

The French program is followed with the general intention being the integration of the children into a French secondary school system. The program is very similar to current Anglophone curricula and would not hinder later integration into another Anglophone education system.