Transferring to secondary

From CM2 to collège—CM2 pupils in the Anglophone sections in Sartoux and Trois Collines are offered a place in an international section sixième class in one of four collèges running ASEICA programs. This place is awarded subject to the approval of the "Conseil du Cycle", a committee of teachers and the school head, that pronounces on each pupil's ability to further their bilingual education at collège level.

During the CM2 year several meetings are organized with parents to discuss the transfer to collège and both parents and students are given the opportunity to visit the collèges and to meet the ASEICA collège staff.

The four collèges, Eganaude, Niki de St. Phalle, César and the CIV, take students according to their catchment areas, i.e. the "Inspection Académique" allocates students a place according to where they live.