International primary sections


ASEICA, working closely with the French State Education System as well as the towns of Mougins and Valbonne, employs teachers to provide an English curriculum in two local primary schools - the Sartoux school in Valbonne-Sophia Antipolis and Les Trois Collines in Mougins le Haut.

Each school provides classrooms, equipment and is responsible for the day-to-day organisation of school life, with resources specific to the lessons in English provided through ASEICA.

Teaching in English, representing half the school week, is provided by
Anglophone primary teachers employed by ASEICA. The same curriculum is delivered in both schools.

For the other half of the school week, the children are taught in French by Education Nationale teachers from the two schools.

The bilingual classes are completely integrated into the life of each school, taking full part in wider school activities.

The Heads of the two schools are responsible for the administrative management of their schools, including enrolling children and organizing the admission tests for the international sections.

The admission test is common to both schools and children are awarded a place according to their level in English and French, the school's catchment area. See admissions for more details.