Social events

Collège social events—The collège is an interim stage between the high parental involvement in the primary (or at least outside the school gates) and the almost complete independence of the lycée. Sadly it is a time when it is easy for parents to lose contact with the day to day school life and to know less about school friends and activities. This is why it is all the more important to maintain and encourage a social events program. The following events have all been important in the past few years and given parents a chance to meet teachers, pupils and other parents.

Activities for the students—ASEICA currently offers two extra curricular activities for the students: theatre and debating (Model United Nations). If there is interest in other activities, ASEICA would consider offering these either directly or with parent help. Please contact us with ideas.

Over the years numerous social / cultural events have been organized for and by the students. The aim of these is to encourage them to speak English in a social setting and integrate between levels and colleges. These include outings, such as theatre and bowling and social events such as discos, Christmas parties etc. Parent volunteers are needed to take the initiative on these events.

We would like your help on the day of these events and in advance for the organization. Time commitment can vary between being willing to make the occasional cake to regular participation and a coordinator role. Please contact us with your ideas and offers of help.