Model United Nations

For all collège level students

Course aims

  1. Debate in more depth topics studied for History / Geography in English.
  2. Provide students with extra knowledge for the brevet.
  3. Give students the confidence and techniques for effective public speaking a) for OIB orals and b) for success in later life.
  4. Foster a life long interest in contemporary world issues.
  5. Give young minds the opportunity to resolve contemporary problems.
  6. Use IT in preparing for and during debate.
  7. Allow students the chance to role play. MUN is a form of political theatre.

The course can run either:

A) One hour per week


B) Two hours every other week

1. UN film introducing the aims and ideals of the UN… (3ème)

2. Topics to include:

a) Terrorism (3ème)

b) US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (3ème)

c) Making poverty history, debt relief etc.(3ème)

d) Climate protection (4ème)

e) Drugs

f) Women and children’s rights (3ème)

g) Energy policies for the 21st century – nuclear vs. fossil v alternative

h) Weapons of mass destruction

i) Adding more members & powers to the EU

j) Reforming the structure of the UN Security Council

j) Topics proposed by students

k) Topics proposed by the English Dept.

Information inside the brackets relates to the school program which is complemented.

1. At first each delegation is represented by two students. Students can immediately opt to represent a country alone.

2. With known and high profile countries being represented.

3. Students can chose the countries they represent.

4. Resolutions are restricted to a maximum of 5 pre-ambulatory and 10 operative clauses.

5. An experienced Lycée MUN student will be in the chair to explain parliamentary procedure until 3ème and 4ème can run it themselves.

6. As for MUN at lycée level, students will receive a handout and are responsible for their own research on the Internet, with newspapers etc.