The yearbook is an integral part of school life at ASEICA. It is a book published annually which records the past school year. Every year students are excited to page through the books, find their photos, and sign their names for friends to preserve fond memories for years to come.

Each year a team of students works together to create the book which highlights anglophone section school life, clubs, events and trips from CP to Terminale.The team is divided into editors, photographers, designers and copy writers who work individually and collectively to meet regular deadlines throughout the school year. The book is normally distributed at the end of May, first to the Terminales before they take their OIB Bac.

A contest to determine the school year's cover is held every year and is open to all ASEICA students. The theme is announced by the end of September and the designs are due the week before the Toussaint holiday.

Should students (3eme-Tle) be interested in joining us, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the rentrée in September.

More than welcome to join are students interested in graphic arts (painting, photography, design...), but also people who show initiative, are organized, able to work independently and collectively, wish to gain experience managing a team and/or enjoy writing and CREATING.