Lycée theatre


Lycée theatre is divided into two sections: acting/performing and technical theatre.

Students who join the lycée production do not need to be experienced actors. They are required, however, to be enthusiastic and must above all be capable of co-operating and working as part of a team. Students will acquire voice and movement skills and will experiment with different theatrical techniques. An audition is generally required.

Members of the technical team (Tech Crew) focus on lighting design and operation, set design and construction, sound, publicity, stage management, costume design and make-up. Students usually choose an area that interests them but may at times have to take on a variety of tasks.

Tech Crew members work closely alongside the actors as they prepare for a show. During these busy moments, everyone will need to put in more hours. In general, students can either be part of a particular performance or technical project for a term, or carry on throughout the academic year.

Tech Crew students are also involved with the primary and collège performances. Therefore, Tech Crew can be open to interested and mature collège students.

A great deal of commitment is required of our theatre students and a lot of enjoyment can be had as well!