Students who complete the OIB at the CIV have had a sophisticated anglophone education in language, literature, history, geography and culture. The experience of the student is not just an immersion in a challenging academic environment, but also an enriching cultural one.

Admissions guidance

Students entering the lycée in 2nde are expected to be fluent in both English and French. Students must be able to understand, speak and write French. It is important to be aware that the majority of classes are taught in French. As for English, they must be capable of expressing themselves in a sophisticated way when working on oral and written assignments.

In 2nde, there are ten English classes. Students study English literature five hours a week and history/geography 2 hours a week. In addition, they have 2 hours a week of history/geography in French.

In 1ère and Terminale, there are nine groups preparing for the baccalaureate examination. English literature classes meet five hours a week and history/geography in English three hours a week.

Lycée Admissions for School Year 2022-2023 

Admissions in Lycée are closed for School Year 2022-23.

Only students already enrolled in an OIB international American section in another academy or abroad, who were moving to the area, could apply.

In case of admission of a new student, the registration documents of both the Lycée and ASEICA, the International Anglophone Section, are to be completed. See also: International Section Schools Fees