More than 990 students currently follow ASEICA English and Humanities programs in one of the four collèges in the Sophia Antipolis area offering the Brevet International. After 3ème, students integrate the anglophone section of the international lycée at the CIV.

Admissions guidance

It is important to understand that ASEICA functions within the French state educational system. Children entering the Anglophone sections at Niki de St. Phalle, Eganaude, César or the CoIV will have 65% of their course content provided in French by the French Education Nationale. The remaining 35% is provided in English by ASEICA teachers, although children may receive their English tuition from Education Nationale colleagues.

The admissions policy into the Anglophone section is defined by Education Nationale.

The entrance examination for 6ème is organized by Education Nationale's Inspection Académique. Whatever their nationality and mother tongue, students are tested both in French and English. There is a written test first and also an oral test of about 10 minutes.

Children coming directly from abroad who have recently arrived in the area and have never attended a French school are usually evaluated for entrance on the basis of a questionnaire and assessment of their past school record (the dossier).

Children from the international sections of the two primary schools with Anglophone sections (École Élémentaire Sartoux and Trois Collines, Mougins) pass directly into the Anglophone program at one of the four colleges as long as they receive the agreement of the school's "Conseil des Maîtres" and follow the Inspection Académique registration process, just like the children who take the test.

The choice of school, Niki de St Phalle, Éganaude, César or CIV, is determined by the Inspection Académique and depends on place of residence as well as the number of children from a particular catchment area who are accepted into the program. Having brothers or sisters in the section in one of the four collège is another criteria.

Children entering in 5ème, 4ème or 3ème are usually evaluated through a questionnaire and their past school record. Parents can contact ASEICA for information on the entrance process, but must contact the appropriate collège directly.

College Admissions for School year 2022-23

Link to the Académie de Nice's website for more details

Admissions in 6e 

Admissions in 6e are closed for School Year 2022-23.

6e online tests registration: from Monday December 6th 2021 (9:00 AM) to Monday January 31st 2022 (11:00 PM).

6e admission written and oral tests in English/French (50/50): 
Wednesday March 9th, 2022 (written, Collège César, Roquefort les Pins) and Wednesday March 23rd, 2022 (oral, either at Collège Nikki de St Phalle or CIV, Valbonne/Sophia-Antipolis). Place and time will be confirmed on the convocation sent by the Académie de Nice.

Results:  result and college allocation notified by the Académie on Friday April 1st 2022, by email and on line (ISI2D).

Validation of the collège allocation: from Friday April 1st to Wednesday April 6th 2022.

Collège registrationfrom Monday April 25th  to 29th, 2022.
It is compulsory to complete registration with the Collège allocated by the Académie de Nice and also with ASEICA, the International Anglophone Section. See International Section fees

Admissions in 5e,4and 3e

Online registration from Monday March 7th,2022 (9:00 AM) to Monday May 23rd,2022 (12:00 PM) Lien vers demarches simplifiees 

More details on the  Académie de Nice's website 

As of Monday June 20th, 2022: notification of the allocation and results of students admitted without test and convocation to tests by the schools (for students whose admission to the International Section is subject to the evaluation of the required level).