Bilingual education

In his excellent essay "Les Identités meurtrières" (Grasset) where he analyzes the question of identity in our modern world which has been reduced to a global village, Amin Maalouf approaches the question of language as one of the characteristics of our identity. He draws the conclusion that, in future, we will need to master at least three languages and that not mastering English will continue to be a serious handicap. He goes on to say that speaking only English will be very limiting, including for those whose mother tongue is English!

We, parents, teachers and students of ASEICA are sincerely committed to bi-lingual and bi-cultural education as an effective and constructive way of preparing our young people for their adult lives. Not only do we believe that it is necessary to begin the study of languages as early as possible, we also believe that it is just as important for our Anglophone students to excel in their French studies as it is for our French students to be qualified to continue their studies and their professional lives in an Anglophone environment.