The ASEICA Board

ASEICA is run by a Board of elected parent volunteers plus the Director and representatives of the staff, as well as the Admin team. The Board usually meets monthly and holds an AGM in November.  The Board operates in working groups. Click to contact the board. 

ASEICA Board members as of Sept 2019

Irene Boudier      
Burak Kilicoglu Treasurer
Michael Strickland Secretary
Vincent Pottier Vice-President
Joanne Franceschini  
Bertrand Gorge  
Johanna Lecerf  
Daphne Martellini  
Dutchess Riley Grat

Associates:  Sylvia Charpilloz

Blog:  Anne Kershaw

And many other volunteers - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ASEICA Board Committees

Finance committee
Relations with Education Nationale
Communication committee
IT committee
Exchanges committee  
Social committee