Teaching staff

ASEICA employs over 40 teachers of varying nationalities but all have English as mother tongue and are qualified as teachers in their fields of expertise in their countries. Together, they make up the primary team, the English and Humanities departments and the Guidance Department.

Humanities department

The Humanities Department comprises teachers coming from UK, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Canada and the USA. All put together, we have well over a hundred years of experience teaching in countries like America, UK, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Kenya, and of course, France. Students also benefit from the fact that we have taught a variety of national and international exams, including the IB, British A-levels, GCSE, IGCSE, and American Advanced Placement, as well as the French OIB. Furthermore, some of us have also been examiners for the IB and OIB for many years and have experience in working for The European Council of International Schools accreditation teams.

We focus on preparing our students as broadly as possible for the International Brevet at collège level and the "Option Internationale du Baccalauréat" in the lycée. The program is supplemented with Model United Nations (MUN) debate groups in both collège and lycée. During the last week of January, our lycée students participate in The Hague International MUN conference. We also strongly support activities like the annual International Day.

We enjoy our diversity, we enjoy our teaching and we enjoy our schools. We look forward to adding to our numbers - both students and teachers - as our international section grows.

English department

ASEICA’s English teachers are key elements in our well-established and successful bilingual program. We add to the students’ already rich linguistic experience with the French education system by teaching non-English speakers to speak English and by maintaining national system English programs for our native English speakers.

We are a successful group, proud of our ability to bring all students to similar high levels of English that allow them an academic use of the language, giving them not only proficiency but also an understanding and appreciation of literature. Several of us also teach theatre across the age range and manage stage productions for ASEICA students of all ages from 6 to 19!

We come from the United States, England, Canada, Ireland and Australia and our years in France have been preceded, for many of us, by periods in other international schools in many countries. Experiences in Turkey, Venezuela, Italy, Holland, Malta and Switzerland, among others, have helped us form a strong understanding of our students’ own international experiences. We have taught English in other OIB programs, IB programs and in our many national systems. We are a dynamic department, continually evaluating and building our program, in order to ensure its growth and success.