The list below gives an overview of the help we offer students and parents as part of the university application process—

  • Presentations on the application process for Terminale students and parents in September, for Premières in January and Secondes in February each year
  • Workshops on specific subjects and countries to prepare Premières for applying, in January and February each year
  • Hour-long appointments with students and parents in Première to choose courses and universities appropriate to their grades and aspirations (after January 15th)
  • Hour-long appointments with students in Terminale to help with online applications
  • Individualized help with the application process including personal statements, letters of motivation and application essays
  • Ongoing assistance with queries about universities throughout Terminale
  • PSAT registration and testing at the CIV in October
  • Advice on registration for SATs for the US and Aptitude Tests such as UKCAT, LNAT and TSA for the top UK universities
  • Preparation of bulletins and transcripts for the US, Canada and Holland
  • Preparation of letters of reference for universities worldwide
  • Mock interviews for those invited to formal interviews in the UK

We have the latest prospectuses for UK and Dutch universities in the office and online information for the US, Canada and other countries. We update our knowledge of all aspects of university admission via the dedicated CIS annual conference. We visit universities and invite their representatives to visit us, so that we have personal contacts in many universities around the world.

Please use the links below to discover detailed and specific information—

  1. How students need to prepare for university in 2de, 1er and Terminal.
  2. Applying to the UK – UCAS
  3. Applying to Canada
  4. Applying to Holland
  5. Studying in America
  6. Timeline- Applying to the USA
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Teacher Recommendation Form (French)
  9. Teacher Recommendation Form (English)