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03 October 2017
Niki St Phalle Coffee Morning

for parents of students in the International Sections at Collège Niki de St Phalle

Tuesday 3 October 2017 from 8h to 9h at Collège Niki de St Phalle (in the cantine)
Invited : Aseica Parents, board members, teachers and the collège coordinator Mrs Collord.
6ieme Students who normally have English at 8am are asked to come in at 9h, if students need to come in at 8h then they can come with their parent and sit in the cantine until 9h
Come and meet new people and get together with old acquaintances! Learn about upcoming events and how to get involved in your association. Please feel free to bring homemade baked goods to share if you would like to, but there’s no obligation!

Due to security measures at the school, all parents are asked to please follow these procedures: Please arrive at the main gate (student’s entrance) by 8h. Tell staff at the gate that you are attending the coffee morning and be prepared to show your photo ID.

If you arrive later than 8h then the gate will be closed, you will be able to sign-in formally via the visitor’s entrance (first entrance to your right when you arrive at the college).
Please RSVP to jo@franceschini.net before Monday 2nd October if you would like to attend the coffee morning.

Please visit the ASEICA website for more information:
Life in the international section is much more than hours in class!
You are members of ASEICA, an association run by volunteers. Lead by example, get involved!

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