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Primary Theater


All Anglophone Section primary classes have a weekly Drama/Theater lesson. The first part of the year is devoted to drama skills. Students learn to co-operate together and communicate effectively as members of a team, through the use of games and exercises. The second half of the year is dedicated to theater production, where students work towards a show.


Throughout the year basic voice and movement skills are taught, along with improvisation techniques in order to help boost  students' confidence, self-esteem and creativity. There is a strong emphasis on ensemble building and sharing.


Pictures, photos, music, songs, poems, children's stories and scripts are used as resources.  When appropriate, the Theater teacher will explore an area which the children are studying with their class teacher as part of the curriculum.




At the end of the academic year, each class is involved in a short performance which is shown to parents. This performance is an essential part of the curriculum.


Parents help with the making of costumes for the show and on the night the IPSC organizes refreshments.


A real sense of fun and community spirit is shared by all.





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