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The demand for places is high and entry is based on tests carried out each year. Children should have a good level of English and French, particularly in the older classes.


The tests are carried out in both languages, with an increasing expectation of writing and  reading ability through the age groups. 


The majority of children admitted for the tests are in the CP level (year 2, grade 1). From year to year places can become available at other levels, this is dependant on pupils leaving the international section.


Children are accepted starting from the best mark according to the number of places available. A waiting list is also kept with these places being allocated at the end of August/beginning of September when final numbers are known.  







The test procedure is common to both Sartoux and Trois Collines Mougins schools.



Enrollment is closed: see the Académie de Nice website for further information. 


The tests and the results are overseen by the Direction académique.



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