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How to avoid not receiving ASEICA emails?


A recent increase in undelivered mail reports has motivated Aseica to promote personal member action on their email software, in order to reduce the amount of lost messages.


The instructions hereunder are designed to help you configure specific email application in the best way to achieve that goal. Examples are given for web based applications such as :



  and for one standalone application


Even if your email client is not listed, the examples give an idea of the two main methods to avoid seeing Aseica mail ending in your spam folder:


1. Create a "filter" or "rule" that will send all mail from @aseica.org to your Inbox


2. Add @aseica.org as a safe, approved sender, if your mail application handles such a list.


Furthermore, many web sites provide a wider variety of instructions to handle white lists. You can easily google such instructions.


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