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The Walkathon

 The Walkathon is a yearly event to raise funds to supply guide-dogs for the blind, organized in close liaison with l'Ecole Méditerranéene de Chiens-Guides at Biot.


Since 1991, ASEICA, the C.I.V. and  6 or 7 other associated schools have raised funds for over seventeen guide-dogs through the student oriented and educational event. Many of our families have also been 'puppy walkers', educating the future guide-dogs at home during their first year of life.


Through the Walkathon and its associated activities such as demonstrations by the guide-dog school, presentations of the dogs we have funded, meetings with blind people, and in-class work, students are exposed to, and made aware of, all aspects of this disability, and the great value of a guide-dog's role in the life of a blind person. The Walkathon and its accompanying sessions are an educational experience in which students are both physically and mentally involved. 


For information about how to become a 'puppy walker', and to visit the guide-dog school, contact: Mme Jacqueline Raffalli, l'Ecole Méditerranéenne de Chiens-Guides d'Aveugles, 649, chemin du Plan, 06410 Biot . Tel: 04-93-65-08-36




ASEICA Walkathon 2013

Saturday 6th April


>Contact: walkathon@aseica.org


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