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The Creative Writing Club and the lycée journal  


The Creative Writing Club was created based on student demand.  We meet after school to experiment with writing and to help our students expand their ability to write for an audience.


Our journal - called The Random Duck - was first published in December 2009 and we currently have released three editions.  (Follow the link on the right to download your own copy.)  The articles are written by première and terminale students in the Anglophone section with their friends and classmates as readers.  The journal also accepts pieces from guest writers, such as letters to the editor, and submissions from teachers, 2nde students, and alumini.  In each issue, you will find a variety of pieces on topics ranging from current events, to arts reviews, as well as a dose of humor – and, of course, plenty of creative writing in the form of poetry, fiction and others pieces that defy conventional labels! 

On the latest issue, students have taken the helm by becoming the editors of the journal.  They have reviewed submissions, designed the layout, and have even created their own email for submissions – civrandomduck@gmail.com – in order to take creative ownership of the journal.  In addition, they have also created a facebook chatroom where members can exchange ideas outside the weekly one-hour club meeting.


The goal of the club is to foster interest in writing outside the classroom and to give the students a forum to talking to each other about whatever moves them.  Some of our writers are poets, some of them dabble in short story, some are critics; but all of them, in general, enjoy discussing arts, culture, and politics -- and all of them want to be better writers. We hope that some of them are the planet's future authors and journalists.
Please be on the lookout for future issues : and we hope you enjoy our work.


-Staff and Contributors of the lycée journal





The Journal -

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Random Duck
Volume 1, December 2009

Volume 2, January 2010

Volume 3, March 2010


Previous years :
Word, May 2008
Word, March 2008


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