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ASEICA and Education Nationale


The nature of ASEICA's relationship with Education Nationale is described in the May 11, 1981 Decree (No81-594), the official legal framework which describes the objectives and the functioning of international sections within primary schools, collèges and lycées. Article 7 clearly states that the teachers are "made available” to the Heads of the state schools.


This is an essential concept, called “mise à disposition” in French.

Once approved by the school's Head, the teachers assigned to the international sections remain under his/her authority.

As a result, the maintenance of quality relationships with Education Nationale is crucial and is an integral part of ASEICA’s philosophy.


This relationship concerns all the hierarchical levels of Education Nationale and requires a sound understanding of the way Education Nationale works.


Our teachers constantly interact with their Education Nationale colleagues in order to coordinate the administration of the OIB programme, ensure complementary approaches, etc.


Our Head works jointly with the 6 Heads of schools, assisted by our Primary Coordinator in the 2 primary schools.


The ASEICA Head of Education and representatives of the ASEICA Board are in regular contact with the “Inspection Académique des Alpes Maritimes” in order to remain abreast of new developments and present ASEICA's point of view regarding such issues as the opening of new classes, the 6eme entry test and the geographical allocation of students to the various collèges.

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