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How does ASEICA operate?


ASEICA is a non profit-making organisation (an "Association 1901" under French law) whose remit is to support the provision of international education in the south-east of France. In practical terms, this means we employ qualified native English-speaking teachers who are then attached to state schools to ensure the English language components of various educational programmes.


As a 1901 Association, ASEICA’s mode of operation is governed by its statutes. It is managed by an Board of  9-11 parent volunteers elected annually by the General Assembly. This Board elects a President who is the legal representative of the Association, as well as a Vice President, a Treasurer and a Secretary.


Statutes define the Association’s membership (the parent body); its purpose; the mechanisms for electing its Board and the roles and responsibilities of its executive team. The principal tasks of the Board are to set the association’s budget, determine the level of fees, appoint its head of education and define its policies.


The day-to-day running of the association is in the responsibility of the Head of Education supported by the person Responsible of Administration and Accounting and a small administration team...





Non profit-making association


Qualified native-speaker teachers


Board of 9-11 parent volunteers


Statutes govern the Association


Finance & Admin director


Head of Education



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