Niki de St Phalle


Niki de St Phalle is one of four collèges in Valbonne Sophia Antipolis with an Anglophone section for which ASEICA provides teachers. This is a new collège, completed in 2003. Together with the collège of L'Eganaude, the section was opened in September 2004. Niki de St. Phalle currently has Anglophone sections from 6ème to 3ème levels. At present, there is also an Italian section of one class per year in the school, also opened in 2004.

ASEICA is committed to working with Education Nationale supporting the expansion of the Anglophone program in response to the strong interest among local families for international education.

Students taking the sixième admission test, or coming from the Trois Collines and Ecole Elémentaire Sartoux primary international sections, will be allocated to Niki de St Phalle or one of the other three collèges according to where they live. Most of the students at Niki de St. Phalle are drawn from Valbonne village and its immediate area.