The Centre International de Valbonne has housed an Anglophone section since 1978. In the collège, there are four Anglophone section classes from 6ème through to 3ème.

Students who are successful in the sixième entry test administered by the Inspection Académique, or who come from the international primary classes of Trois Collines and École Sartoux, are allocated either to the CIV or one of the other collèges with international sections. The process is managed by Éducation Nationale and the decision is driven essentially by the question of catchment area, with children being allocated as far as possible to their local collège (collège de secteur).

Newcomers to France whose French language skills are poor will be allocated to the CIV, which is the only college to have classes for beginners in French (FLE).

CIV Anglophone Section

Classes: 6ème, 5ème, 4ème, 3ème
Other international sections: Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese