University Guidance

Welcome to the ASEICA Guidance office. We are a team of three who are here to advise and help students choose and apply to the best universities abroad for them as individuals. We do not advise on applying to institutions in France, as we only advise on further education in English speaking countries or universities. Our office is in the Agora building (at the foot of the spiral staircase, opposite the college canteen.)

Presentation for Première parents

Presentation for Seconde parents


Office opening hours during the School Year :

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 11h00-17h00

Wednesday: 11h00-15h00

Thursday: 11h00-17h00

Friday: 11h00-14h00

Appointments outside these hours are available if organized in advance.

Tel: 04 97 23 92 35 | Fax: 04 97 23 92 31 | e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mrs. McKay, Mrs. Weatherly and Mrs. Venon