Anne Kershaw

Anne Kershaw

Annual Alumni Evening

12 February 2020, 9:31 am
ASEICA’s annual Alumni evening took place on December 19th, 2019. In the midst of the weather warnings, 35 alumni studying or who have completed their studies in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy and France arrived at the AGORA to share their experience with current Lycée students. This event is a wonderful occasion for students to ask questions about life after the CIV and we hope that more students will attend in the future. A huge thanks to all of the alumni who attended and to our staff and parents volunteers who contributed to the success of this event. All lycée students should register their email addresses and stay in touch with guidance in order to be informed of future alumni events. This year we asked our alumni for some advice to current students. We hope that the reflections and advice from our wise alumni will inspire the Lycée students who are in the midst of their bac-blanc exams this week.

Irene Boudier 


Study well but have a life outside of studying so you can show that you are an interesting and capable person beyond simply grades. James

Always keep a goal in mind and work towards it, don’t lose focus. Ava

Study regularly, follow the news and be curious. Rizlane

Don’t only focus on your grades but do many extra curricular activities that will make your profile unique. Margot

Organize your time well and be passionate. Paul

Every little thing you learn in the section becomes useful at one point. Do not think "Ah it'll be useless in a few years", you never know when you'll need the knowledge you acquired ! Noémie


Take advantage of what you learn in your OIB classes. The knowledge that will remain in your brains even after the bac will be so useful in your classes, but also in your general understanding of what goes on in the world. The works of literature that you study are really essential, and I still talk about them today. All of this background knowledge will come in handy when you are having conversations with people who matter. Salomé

Open up your possibilities by applying to different schools even if you aren't sure about going. The more options you have, the happier you will be. If you can't make it abroad right after Terminale it's ok! Stay in France and travel in the years that follow. Dinah


Speech Contest - Through the Eyes of Students

10 February 2020, 7:31 am
We are students from Mrs. Wallace’s 5e class at College César. On Wednesday, January 29th, several of us went to the International School of Nice where we witnessed an incredible speech contest. The evening started with a succulent buffet in the main hall. The crowd was mixed with teachers, parents and students. We stuffed ourselves with pizza, sandwiches, apple crumble and lemon squares. We had brought supportive signs for our classmate, Cara Williams, who was competing that night. Just before the start of the contest, Cara was able to come out of the auditorium for a minute to say hello. When she came out, she saw all of us with our smiles and signs. She was surprised and happy. She hugged everyone, and we were invited in. We found seats towards the front, and the speeches began. All the speeches were exceptional; although, of course, we loved Cara’s the best. Her speech was on women’s rights. All in all, it was a good evening out. Special thanks to Mrs. Coleman for driving. One of the judges made it clear that winning a spot to compete that night was already a big accomplishment, so congratulations to everyone. 

by Iris Broisat, Theodore Coleman, Sam Danin, Kaia Evans, and Noah Pleasance


Middle school Speech Contest

5 February 2020, 7:43 am

On Wednesday, January 29th, students representing Collège Cesar, Collège Eganaude, Collège International de Valbonne (CoIV), Collège Niki de Saint Phalle, International School of Monaco, International School of Nice, and Mougins School were invited to present their speeches and compete for prizes. Congratulations to our section students Eyua Assoumou from Eganaude who brought home the first place title and Isabelle Tollnert from Niki de Saint Phalle in third place. The theme of the first speech was 'Defend a cause you believe in.' Eyua gave a passionate speech titled, “We Can All Be Feminists” and Isabelle gave a heartfelt speech titled, “We Can All Make a Difference in Fighting Climate Change.”  In the second and final round on the topic 'Blue', Eyua clenched the title after her speech, “Through the Blue of My Violin". ASEICA was also represented by Maria-Laura Gassi from CoIV and Cara Williams from Collège César. Congratulations to all of the finalists for your hard work and preparation and to the ASEICA teachers for their unwavering support.

Irene Boudier 

Our traditional Summer Camps Galette

3 February 2020, 12:37 pm

The annual Summer Camps and Galettes Evening took place on Monday, January 13th. Six organizations came back again to the CIV campus to meet with a large body of students and parents looking for fun school holiday courses, exchanges and post-Baccalaureate study; both in France and abroad in English. We had several lovely volunteers who helped us serve a welcome slice of galette. The Summer Camps Galette is an informal fair allowing parents and students to talk to each company to prospect potential courses, exchanges and further study suitable for each individual. If you were not able to attend, brochures are still available in the Aseica office.

Calvin-Thomas, Terre des Langues, AFS Vivre Sans Frontière, Camp Experts, Enjoy Study USA, PGL…

So, please mark your diaries for January 2021 when we will repeat this event.  If you’ve had a positive experience of a French accredited organisation that may fit the profile of this event then we would love to hear from you! please mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


6th annual Oceania Exchange

18 January 2020, 1:44 pm
Over the months of December and January, participating LIV students and families from our 6th annual Oceania Exchange have hosted their Australian and New Zealand correspondents. After six/seven weeks of classes, excursions, and family trips, the second leg of the Exchange 2019 comes to a close, as the last of the correspondents bid farewell to France on January 25th. This year we had the pleasure of welcoming 22 students in all, from partner schools in Canberra, Sydney and MacKay in Australia, and Dunedin and Hamilton in New Zealand. The Exchange team was also pleased to welcome two accompanying teachers this year, Chrystal Gardiner from Columba College in Dunedin, NZ, and Valerie Allen from Whitsunday in Mackay, Australia. We would like to extend our gratitude to the lycée teachers who made space for our correspondents -no small feat- and who were so welcoming. Special thanks to FLE teacher Barbara Agré, for her talents in making lessons both educational and fun! Above all, this exchange would not have been possible without the investment of time, patience and goodwill of the parents, strikes notwithstanding! We would especially like to thank those who helped organize and chaperone the various excursions, to Grasse, Nice, Monaco, the Lerins isles, St Paul de Vence, and more. Among other things, correspondents enjoyed hikes, visits, tours, and restaurant outings. The 2020 edition of the Oceania Exchange is well underway... departure is set for June! Here's to new adventures, and new friendships, to come!

Gina Bethell - Bertrand Gorge
Aseica 2e Exchange


Visit from Poet James Carter

10 December 2019, 3:10 pm

Our primary students from Sartoux and Trois Collines got to meet and discuss poetry with Author & Poet, James Carter. In a general assembly he put on a show to share his newly published poem on the theme of space. He then ran a creative writing workshop in each of the classes. With his expert tips and advice, each student got the chance to produce their own poems and proudly share them.


ASEICA has talent!

4 December 2019, 12:20 pm
We are proud of Lena Jacquin who was accompanied by her brother Sam on The Voice Kids France 2019 this autumn. Sam and Lena are both students at the CoIV.  Lena has been passionate about singing since as long as she can remember. The perennial coach, Jenifer, selected Lena to be on her team during the blind auditions.  Click on the link below to watch Lena’s performance.  Lena will be singing in the variety show on Monday, December 9 th.


5 December 2019, 9:45 am
The Ecole Sartoux won the Primary Chess tournament. The first stage of these school championships took place in  'Pra d’Etang' school in Grasse. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers who made this event such a great success. Congrats to Erin, Cédric, Lucas, Dylan, Arthur, Nils, Tobias, Gaël, Adrien, Marius, Nathan, Ilan and Yanis ! A team of eight of our best players will participate in the 'Championnats Départementaux Scolaires' on the 5th of February in Cannes.  


Parent-Teacher Primary & College Meet-Ups

27 November 2019, 2:11 pm

Since the beginning of the school year, ASEICA has hosted 'Coffee Mornings'  at each of the Colleges, and a Parent-Teacher lunch for the Primary Section. These meet ups are a great way for parents to meet their children's teachers and ASEICA board members in an informal setting. Parents also have the possibility to learn more about what's happening in class or with other extra-curricular academic projects that the teachers support such as the Model United Nations (MUN), the speech contest and various primary social activities. It is especially a great way for new families to connect with the rest of the ASEICA community. The events hosted this fall were:

  • Primary Parent-Teacher lunch for both the Sartoux and Trois Collines primary schools at the Ferme Bermond
  • Coffee mornings at the Colleges: Niki St Phalle, César, Eganaude.

Feedback from Parents

“The Primary Teacher-Parent lunch, held on the last day of the autumn term, was a great way to connect with the different teachers and all the parents once the school year was off and running. I always appreciate being able to catch up with fellow parents and to touch base with all the teachers. It’s one of the key ways that we all stay connected during the busy school year.” Lucy White, mother of Joe (CM1) and Max (CE1), Ecole Sartoux and Benjamin (5eme), Collège César

"I found the parent-teacher breakfast very informative. As a new ASEICA parent, it was rewarding to meet the teachers of the English section, to learn more about the course work, the setup of the section, extra-curricular activities, and to discuss over a coffee with different parents and my child's teachers. I look forward to another such meet up." Anne Minereau-Gay, mother of Hector (6eme), College Niki de St Phalle.




Yearbook cover contest

21 November 2019, 12:41 pm

And the winners are… This is the winning Yearbook cover for next year : a digitally created design by Camille Marchand a LIV  2nde student. The runner up is a watercolor created by Dalen Dautov in 6eme at Collège Niki de St Phalle. Many thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners!

Nora Louise Syran, Yearbook Coordinator