Visit from Poet James Carter

10 December 2019, 3:10 pm
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Our primary students from Sartoux and Trois Collines got to meet and discuss poetry with Author & Poet, James Carter. In a general assembly he put on a show to share his newly published poem on the theme of space. He then ran a creative writing workshop in each of the classes. With his expert tips and advice, each student got the chance to produce their own poems and proudly share them.



5 December 2019, 9:45 am
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The Ecole Sartoux won the Primary Chess tournament. The first stage of these school championships took place in  'Pra d’Etang' school in Grasse. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers who made this event such a great success. Congrats to Erin, Cédric, Lucas, Dylan, Arthur, Nils, Tobias, Gaël, Adrien, Marius, Nathan, Ilan and Yanis ! A team of eight of our best players will participate in the 'Championnats Départementaux Scolaires' on the 5th of February in Cannes.  


Our trip to Astrorama

17 November 2019, 6:02 pm
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Primary school students are very happy to share a resumé of their trip to Astrorama in the Col d’Eze. Read the impressions of these budding astronauts!  

"Welcome to our delightful recount of our trip to Astrorama!!! Astrorama is a place where we study the solar system and the stars and that’s exactly what we were studying in class. This place is on top of Monaco and it’s called the Col d’Eze. Mrs Guez, Mrs Ritchie the CM2s and ourselves, the CM1s, went on the 26th of September. It was a beautiful, sunny day!" Miyu, Mairie, Emma, Nils

"First, we went into a room to learn all about the solar system. We discovered each planet; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We saw that the planets were made of either gas or rock. For now, Earth is the only planet with life but someday we might also be able to live on Mars. After that, we discovered the moons, the asteroid belts and talked about the sun which is the only star in our solar system. We took notes of this and so much more in our notebooks." Joseph, Adrien, Holly, Erin

"Have you ever done a treasure hunt on the theme ‘Lost on the Moon’? This was our next activity at Astrorama. First of all, we split up in groups of five to choose objects we thought could help us regain the space center.  We needed to remember we were on the moon, not the earth…some objects were useless. If we didn’t have the objects that we needed, our team needed to restart and take new objects. Each group made up their team name and the winning group was “The Galaxies!” We all enjoyed this activity." Joe, Mailys, Maia, Gael

"The planetarium at Astrorama was interesting and fun! We entered the planetarium and looked up at the fake sky. It was filled with a million stars. A guide called Julien showed us the pictures of constellations. We even found the North Star! Incredible! We listened to a story about a young man called Orion who fought a gigantic scorpion. The planetarium was amazing!" Letizia, Ben, Anastasia, Aoibhin

"In the afternoon, we made rockets. Nicolas, our second ‘animateur’, showed us what made an effective rocket. The first model was just a balloon. It flew, but not straight so we tried a water bottle with air pressure. Then water was added to make it go super high.  Finally, we tried a model with wings. That one went the highest and straightest!  After that, we got to make our own rockets. We were in groups of six. First, we had two bottles. We cut one in half and taped them together. Then we cut out the wings in a triangle form and taped three or four on. We placed a small rock at the top, named our rockets and then they were ready. Nicolas launched them one by one as we counted down, “3,2,1 blast off!” It was amazing!" Elise, Monica, Leia, Maxime

"We loved Astrorama! That day, we learned a lot about: The solar system, the stars, rockets and what you need on the moon. We really enjoyed the trip. It was interesting and a lot of fun. As we walked back to the bus, we waved our goodbyes to Astrorama and everyone we crossed. We thought it was a fantastic trip! Bye Bye Astrorama…see you next time!"  Rose, Anabelle, Elodie, Shreya







Halloween at Sartoux and Trois Collines

10 November 2019, 8:31 am
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Our primary students had the special treat of celebrating Halloween at school. Dressed up in scary, funny or cute costumes, the students were happy to show off their Halloween spirit and share this tradition. The goal was to promote openness to other cultures and contribute to the international dimension of our schools. Pumpkin carving contests, apple bobbing, broom stick races, face painting and a thriller dance… were just a few of the activities, and all was wrapped up with a feast of creatively decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies! Very motivated Trois Collines and Sartoux parents from our anglophone sections volunteered their time and wonderful energy to run these games and bake these treats for all to enjoy. We thank them for all their hard work, generosity, spirit and energy!!!  
Some quotes from children: « This was the best day of my life! », « Our school is so cool! » «  Even the moms danced » !

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Nathalie Guez






Anglo Day at Trois Collines Primary School

17 June 2019, 9:39 am
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All the students of Trois Collines primary school travelled through various anglophone countries for their very first Anglo Day on May 17th. More than 40 parent volunteers stepped up and planned this event. 12 classes went through 12 different stands during the day and had a taste of the UK, Ireland, Canada, India, South Africa, USA, New Zealand and Australia. Some of the activities included baseball, aboriginal dot painting, country dance, Irish dance, yoga, totem making, country quiz, haka dance, and all of this with a bit of food tasting and Q&A for each country.

Emilie Sarkissian & Virginie Bernon



A Cross-Phase Writing Project

14 March 2019, 12:52 pm
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On January 21st, Mrs. Jones’ 5emes came down to the Sartoux primary school, to visit Mrs. Guez’s CM1 class. They were paired up and the 5eme students interviewed the CM1s in preparation for a creative writing project. The goal was for the 5emes to gather enough information on their younger partners to make them the main characters in their stories. They worked hard to complete their stories and the results were impressive! It was later the CM1s’ turn to visit the 5emes in their classroom at the CIV. The reading session was a tremendous success. Mrs. Jones’ class proudly shared their stories. The CM1s were thrilled to find themselves as the main characters. Some traveled through time, others battled evil dragons!All were impressed and congratulated the 5emes for their wonderful work!

Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Guez



Mougins School Speaker : Nick Danziger

25 February 2019, 3:48 pm
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Mougins School Motivational Speaker Series - Nick Danziger, February 28th at 19:00.

Nick Danziger is a prize-winning photographer and journalist who's lived in the world's most remote places as well as most ‘mondaine’ spots. He has photographed world leaders and seemingly forgotten people. He has so many stories and tales to tell, has given TED talks and has been invited to conferences all over the world.

Halloween 2018 in Sartoux

12 November 2018, 2:33 pm
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In the spirit of cultural exchange, parents from the anglophone section invited Sartoux school to celebrate Halloween. They organized games/workshops and a feast of special treats. The objective was to encourage the openness to other cultures and the international dimension of our school. Children were transformed into princesses, super heroes, witches, ghosts, hotdogs and many more characters. 

 Thank you to all parents who participated!


Parent Teacher Lunch

12 November 2018, 2:12 pm
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A parent-teacher Halloween lunch

was held on October 19th at La Ferme Bermond with over 70 parents attending and the entire primary teaching team.  Parent lunches are a wonderful opportunity to get to know your child’s teachers as well as other parents. Thank you to the IPSC for organizing this event. 


'La semaine du goût'

12 November 2018, 9:45 am
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The CPSI, CE1SI participated in the 'SEMAINE DU GOÛT' on the 12th of October. 

We were privileged to have chef Khérima Belhadj lead various workshops during the day. In preparation for her visit, our classes focused on what might make dishes from our region unique. We explored the indigenous plants that we use in Provencal cuisine: rosemary, thyme, sage, olives, the bay leaf, etc… in addition to identifying various fruits and vegetables that are typical from our region. After a more scientific approach to comparing and contrasting the plants using touch, smell and sight, what better way than to experiment first hand then to taste them? Mme Belhadj prepared various recipes in advance and the classes were invited to relish to various savors of: ‘les tomates cocktail farcies au thon, un coulis de poivrons, un caviar d’aubergines et une tapenade verte et noire.’