Students who complete the OIB at the CIV have had a sophisticated anglophone education in language, literature, history, geography and culture. The experience of the student is not just an immersion in a challenging academic atmosphere, but also an enriching cultural one.

Admissions guidance

Generally, a student entering the lycée in 2nde would be expected to be fluent in both English and French. The student's French must be at a level sufficient to understand, speak and write the language. The majority of the classes will be in French and the student will be expected to do his/her best to follow these courses. Generally speaking, the teachers will appreciate the student with a positive attitude towards the learning of the French language. Special French classes (français spéciale) are still offered in 2nde. These extra hours of French are usually given during the time slot of the classic French literature class.

On the English side, a student must be capable of expressing himself/herself in a relatively sophisticated way both orally and in written expression. Only exceptionally would a student who has been through a classic French education with no experience of having lived in an English speaking country or with no experience of English spoken at home, be qualified to enter this program at this level.

In 2nde, there are five groups of English classes each receiving five hours per week. Four of these groups are considered to be at the same level although some of the works studied may vary between teachers. One group in 2nde gives more emphasis to grammar and written expression skills than the other four groups to help those students catch up to the level of the others. In history/geography the levels of the five groups are considered to be the same. The students continue to have two hours of history/geography in English in addition to the two taught in French.

In 1ère and Terminale all students follow exactly the same program no matter which group they are in, in preparation for the baccalaureate examination. English classes meet five hours per week and history/geography in English meet three hours per week.

Lycée Admissions

Please refer to the CIV web site to make an application for the Lycée.

Registration, tests and results are managed by the Service Scolarité of the Lycée International de Valbonne.

As soon as you receive the results, it is compulsory to complete registration with the Lycée, as well as with ASEICA, the International Anglophone Section.

ASEICA Registration documents: not presently available

See also: School fees