Primary (IPSC)

International Parents Social Committee - IPSC

The Primary International Social Committee brings together parents from the international primary sections at Haut Sartoux and Trois Collines. We aim to support the community of parents and children in these sections. We meet regularly at social events organized in cooperation with the school and the teachers. When funds are collected, our committee supports children in their academic and social development. Like any committee of volunteers, we always welcome enthusiastic new recruits.

Click ipsc to contact us by e-mail or contact us by phone - see address list given by the school.


Tax-deductible donations

ASEICA is a non-profit organization dedicated to education. Tuition fees cover the costs associated with hiring and paying the salaries of teachers who provide a high quality English-language education within the French education system.
ASEICA volunteers, including Board members, donate their time and skills to try to keep tuition fees as low as possible, while ensuring that the association can offer the best level of education possible.
If you or your employer are interested in contributing to this mission, donations to ASEICA are tax-deductible for taxpayers in France (both individuals and businesses).
To make a donation, please download the donation form.